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Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Digital Positive Displacement Flow Meters

STANDARD’S positive displacement flow meters are suitable for measuring a broad scope of materials ranging from thin-bodied solutions to viscous materials. The meter utilizes proven oval gears technology to accurately measure flow rate and volume dispensed.The meter housing is available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel and the Oval gears are available in PPS or Stainless. These meters are equipped with the 1/4 Lock & Turn design enabling operators to move a single controller to several flow chambers.

Common Applications:
  • Common Applications
  • Pump Measurement
  • Filling Applications
  • Viscous Materials

  • Measure flow rate and volume
  • Oval gear design
  • Multiple languages
  • Measures: gallons, liters, cubic meters,
    milliliters, imperial gallons
  • Re settable Totalizer
  • +/- .05 % accuracy
  • FNPT Port Connections range from ½”
    (15mm) - 2” (50mm)